What is S.W.A.G ?

Love in abundance

Love in abundance

Spoken Word Affecting Generations

Born in the corn fields of Indiana in 2009, S.W.A.G took root in the hearts of the students on the campus of DePauw University. I wanted to create a platform where students and Greencastle community members could unite to discuss social issues, campus issues, and write spoken word pieces to continue the conversation on another level.

When I graduated that love manifested in East New York with the S.W.A.G open mic. Gathering the creative minds and troubled souls with one common goal :                                                                                                 Change

Quickly Spoken Word Affecting Generations became a movement snowballing into full action leadership, anti-bullying, public speaking and writing workshops all around the Tri-state Area.

When you know what your fighting for, you fight harder for it.

Conversation during the Open mic

Conversation during the Open mic

Purpose for working in schools:

The way teachers and students communicate dramatically affects morale, teamwork, productivity, student retention, students relations and your bottom line (overall grades). If your class could achieve a 10%, 20% or 30%

improvement in their communication skills,what would it mean to your class?

Purpose for working in the communities

Our goal is to change what’s cool. As a community we need to build consistent outlets of positive reinforcement that encourage education not incarceration. Providing creative writing workshop, facilitated group discussions, and hosting open mic showcases to display their expressive arts forms.


Police have a negative perception of men of color. Choosing at will to dehumanize us. Regardless of their negativity I refuse to let them define us. So I work 24 hr a day and 7 days a week to unite us. This is the work I do with the SWAG organization which I created.



There potential is untapped

There potential is untapped

Anti-bullying Workshop at "The Door"

Anti-bullying Workshop at “The Door”
















What once was a seed of hope is now a vivid reality


Beach Channel SWAG class 21st Century, Artist in Schools Hurricane Sandy relief fund from David Powers on Vimeo.


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