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Join us this Saturday July 18th, from 6pm -11:30pm as we bring the spirit of rebirth and creativity back to East New York. We are hosting what is referred to as a Spoken Word Affecting Generations Moment. We welcome you to join us for this night of talent, networking , and of course Art of all kinds: Live body painting, Live art, live music (welcoming all musicians) , Open Bar until finishes. Admission is $10.00 , worth every penny. .<-

Our two houses punches are free:
Red Kryptonite & Fruit by the foot
Where will you be when greatness happens?
July 18th,

6:00 Networking mixer
7:pm Open discussion
9:30 Networking admission
10:30 pm Open Mic closes
10:30 Party begins
11:30 the event is over , better luck next time, you will live through the moments on social media.


May 10th #SwagOpenMic

851 Hegeman ave
Every Second Saturday
8:00pm – 12:00 am
Cover $5
Adult beverages $2

April 29th (Starting)

Globally Speaking Open Mic (flyer coming soon)
Raw space
2031 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd
Every Tuesday
6:30 – 9:30
Cover $10
Adult beverages $2

April 25th
Thee Open Mic



January Open mic

If it was about money
I would have asked you for more
Our Generation lacks love
That’s why we open the door

It’s the Beginning of the year and its only right
That as agents of change we bring life to the night

This coming Saturday January 11th
**7pm-12am **
Cover is $5 (per person to pay for the space)

Our Power Features for the night :
** Najee Omar
**Gabriel mayers

Click link to RSVP –> http://on.fb.me/JCxj8r <—

House Drink:
Fruit By the foot – $2 a cup

Also :::


we are collecting 1000 books for 1000 incarcerated youth
partnering with #StreetPoetsNYC to Empower our generation

If you have a book that
* empowers
They need it

All performances will be recorded and posted on our youtube site for your viewing pleasure

Pictures will be posted that following Sunday

That nights Agenda

7pm – Door’s open – Sign up starts
8pm -8:30 – Open Discussion
** *8:30 – 12am – Bring life to Brooklyn

God Bless and happy New Year

January Open mic

A nice little taste before the main course
December 20th
80 Vernon ave

Just one week later.
Click #TheeopenMic or http://bit.ly/18eYsJZ to get a whiff of the movement
How many places give you 3 free drink for your ticket ?????

Don’t worry I’ll wait….

Made love. To find out a little about our movement




Swag flyer

This open mic is extra special to me. It marks the day I finished my bachelors degree at DEPAUW University. I chose to take my dream back to my city and become a full fledged artist. Performing at shows all around NYC from the Nuyorican poets cafe to hidden gems like street poets nyc. I have met countless of individuals that have changed my life for the better. This open mic is a thank you. To all of you who have shown me the real you. With doing nothing more than me asking you to. Be the real you in front of everyone.

To those of you who take of the mask and show sides of yourself you didn’t know was there, thank you. You are more powerful than life could ever measure in words. You are the reason why action is associated with the word verb. You ignite a fire in people that will never cease to burn. You are the reason why books worms want to learn. You give birth to thought.

God bless anyone who I have ever crossed. If I ever burdened you, I’m sorry for the loss. Just know that you knew me for a reason.


cover $5       (which is going towards paying for the space)

1150 6th Ave
Between 44th and 45th st

Past shows:

august 30th #streetpoetsnyc

august 30th #streetpoetsnyc


An experience worth telling your family about. Let no one put a scale to your heart.

Why would you if you know your worth?
If you don’t give praise – yourself.
You deserve to be empowered.
Powerful Is A Lifestyle.
Your Art is your Freer.
– A Street Poet

See you on Friday Aug 30th at the THE STREET POETS DEN(WAREHOUSE)

$10 admission
Free drinks
Smoking room
Powerful Is A Lifestyle. Thank You for joining up.

featuring Nina B

and we have a special guest coming through that will be something you’ll want to make sure your draws are suspended from your shoulders for.august 30th #streetpoetsnyc
Peace Powerful People.

@StasonBoBo LIVE in the @StreetPoetsNYCDen ‪#‎poetrystockmarketupdate‬ ‪#‎agelesspoet‬ August 31st. #StreetPoetsNYC ‪#‎BrooklynWarehouse‬ ‪#‎LiveInTheeDen‬ ‪#‎Brooklyn‬ ‪#‎WarehouseParty‬ ‪#‎BedStuy‬ ‪#‎NewYork‬ ‪#‎TheeDen‬ ‪#‎TheeOpenMic‬ ‪#‎PowerRanger‬‪#‎PowerfulIsALifeStyle‬ ‪#‎StreetPoets‬ ‪#‎Poetry‬ ‪#‎LiveBands‬ ‪#‎Poets‬ ‪#‎SpokenWord‬ ‪#‎SmallBusiness‬ ‪#‎BlackSuccess‬ ‪#‎BlackExcellence‬ ‪#‎BlackEnterprise‬ ‪#‎GameChanger‬ ‪#‎SmallBizSupport‬ ‪#‎OpenMic‬ ‪#‎NetworkingEvent‬ #WarehouseParty ‪#‎UndergroundHipHop‬ ‪#‎spokenwordaffectinggenerations‬

past events

for the first time ever we will be collaborating with an amazing venue and collective call Arts east new york to bring to you this s.w.a.g open mic

for the first time ever we will be collaborating with an amazing venue and collective call Arts east new york to bring to you this s.w.a.g open mic

The journey continues because we continue.
We are more than Trayvon Martin.
We are the life waiting for definition.
Choose to be defined not as the Victim but the Victor’s
leaving the fear of failure behind us.

This Saturday August 3rd, from 7pm-12am
Join us in welcoming Arts East New York to the S.W.A.G family

Hosted by : Yours truly Ageless Poet
This open mic will be Featuring :

Singer/ Song writer, Musician, Music producer
*****Jowzay ****

This talented and high spirited young brother has toured all over the country and his ext stop is with us.

Photography and Alcohol
***powered by our good friends at “Chronic Nights”***

Special Shout outs to My partner Organization
***StreetpoetsNYC.com ***
“powerful is a lifestyle and we will live it”

This event will have our special drink
Fruit by the Foot
available for purchase
$3 for one cup or $5 for two

food will also be available

there is a 20 person open mic
17 will be available during sign up
3 will be randomly drawn.

please come early to guarantee your slot.

Entrance fee is just $5

located at
851 Hegeman ave, Brooklyn, NY

last stop off the #3 train (New lots ave)
two small blocks away across new lots ave and Cleveland st

b15 bus to Cleveland st and new lots ave
then walk to Hegeman ave and Cleveland st

To RSVP click this link :


The next open mic is …..

our monthly open mic at Simplicity wine bar in BEd Stuy

our monthly open mic at Simplicity wine bar in BEd Stuy

To RSVP to this powerful open mic click here:




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  1. Wendi says:

    I just wanted to confirm the May 30th event is for 2016. I see the other events listed are from 2014 and prior. I would love to attend the next event. I love spoken word though i am not am artist myself.

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