About Ageless

A quote I live my life by,

“You are not dead unless you are forgotten”

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My work as an artist is to leave this world a little bit better than before I came into it. After Graduating DePauw, I went into the Business of selling life insurance and realized regardless of what we do we will inevitably pass away. But, in general how we live our lives does play in impact when. So instead of selling life insurance I have gone into the business of insuring life through the healing art of Spoken Word Poetry.

I write to remind us thats its okay to be human, to feel, think, and live through the words we speak because they do help shape the world around us. So I aim to bring poetry to everyone who has ever felt something inside and weir to afraid to leave that baggage behind them.

Taking poetry to 5 different dimensions


*The NYC Subway

*Public Schools

*Women and Men Shelters

*Open Mics and Events around the country

*Penitentiary Writing Workshop


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