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Adventures in Science Fiction Cover Art: The City as Canvas, Part I

Originally posted on Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations:
(Richard Powers’ cover for the 1969 edition of Cosmic Engineers (1939), Clifford D. Simak) The theme of this post is the future metropolis as canvas where the entire surface of the…

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I would give my life too see my family reach heaven No more over priced rent No need to make $900 out of 15 cents Just the need to repay God for the love sent our way Call it a … Continue reading

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Blue blood runs from red secrets within badge – Ageless Poet

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Originally posted on keithgarrettpoetry:
They rise before the sun, breakfast, a day begun, Men of a ranch know what it takes to get the job done. There is much to do so off they run, dawn to dusk, Bailing hay,…

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