People tell me Luis your eyes open up crazy wide like an owl. All I say is “who? ” lol. Sitting back mirando el Tiempo – “watching the time” a quote my great grand pops use to say before he past last summer. Our future is built through our past, tonight as I lay asleep me and my abuelo are gonna talk more about times hour glass. #watchingthetime so I know when to #shine. Juan Gatoñ you will always be remembered as the man who walked away from it all, to make sure your kids could aspire to greatness. #inspiration #love #owltime that means when time is behind me I’m still watching. #stayonpoint


About agelesspoet

Born in East Flatbush, Brooklyn then migrated where God and the wind blew my family. I've learned to cling to words since high school books looked like non sence. Ever since then I have been building common sense. I Graduated From DePauw university with a major in Conflict Studies. I am the founder of an organization called S.W.A.G - Spoken Word Affecting Generations. Through that organization I have met countless of Dynamic artist who push themselves to the limit each and everyday and still manage to create timeless pieces of art. I work as an independent contracting artist that teaches the S.W.A.G- spoken word poetry & social change. Creating dynamic workshops that challenge students to develops their leadership skills, public speaking, anti-bullying, and literacy through the use of spoke word poetry.
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